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Create a targeted web experience

Impressions matter, so give your audience an experience to remember. Elcom lets you build a web experience targeted to your audience.  Communicate via video, audio, image galleries, email, blogs, and more. Supply your customers with the information they need quickly and accurately.

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Really easy publishing

Empower anyone you choose to quickly and easily manage content on your website, regardless of their technical knowledge. 
Inline editing enables you to edit items directly on your webpage, rather than navigating to the back-end. Your original web page remains intact, but the elements on the page become editable. This allows you to remain in your original context while editing the content. 

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Collaborate effectively

Let your subject matter experts, business leaders and authors contribute to the success of your website. Allow them to create and publish content in a centralised collaborative environment. Elcom provides you with all the tools needed to generate the quality content you need for your site.

Easy to use and set up

Elcom has been specifically designed so that non-technical users can get off the ground with the system and start building the content; while technical users such as developers can design and develop custom areas of your site that give you that competitive advantage.

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Enhance campaigns and capture leads

Create specific landing pages for campaigns, target messages for mobile or key search terms; attract and convert users with promotions and information; and capture subscriptions or leads through forms and registrations.

Run as many sites as you want off a single installation of Elcom

Manage all users and content in one place, saving you administration time and money. If you want to have micro-sites or sites for subsidiary brands or companies, Elcom will manage it all easily. 

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Our work speaks for itself

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